Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Under Construction" - Nice Tag line for us all....

We are all works in progress. We all have areas to grow in. We all change. Those who achieve greatness spend less time saying' "I'm working on it" or "I'm a work in progress" and MORE time ACTUALLY working. I must admit I'm the most excited that I've been in a while concerning music and the "work" being done there. I had a great conference call with the group on Monday and reconnected with them. As anyone who follows us knows, we ALL have a lot of things going on. Careers, college for some, new marriages for others... It has been a year of refocus (and other focuses..) for all of us.

But it's cool. Sometimes you need that in life! And I think we are all more poised now than we have ever been. This is a good thing. For one, Mike, Marcus, and myself have all been led by the power that is to live in Columbia, SC for a while longer. It's funny how God orchestrates so much for us. Never would've saw that coming in a million years.. But it did! And, as a result, we will be more connected and have more of the group in close proximity than we have had in almost 4 years! With our own studio and all a little smarter and a lot hungrier. No joke. This is good.

So, here we are! Everyone evolving. Everyone refocusing on our dream (we have great ones...). Everyone ready to do their part. It's a good feeling! So what exactly IS everyone doing? (I'll focus on the projects and if you want a more personal take on the fellas please visit their websites and blogs.) As you'll soon see a lot is in the works for The Elements family.

Marcus Thomas - Soul Speak

In edition to finishing up his Masters, Marcus is coming back home to Columbia, SC from Gainsville, FLA! This is good for the Elements folks... Very good. Currently Marcus has in the works the following:

1. Owen Soul (a concept duet album with yours truly..)
2. a solo acoustic effort

Tim Cokely - Mr. I Gets Busy... T. Coke

The recent graduate is more focused than ever and ready to work. I personally cannot WAIT to hear a T. Coke album. Here's his current list of projects.

1. One entitled "16 to Life Behind Bars"
2. another yet to be titled project.

Mikhael Sampson - Mike S. The Prophet 13

Mike S the Prophet is doing what he always does.. Produce HEAT. But he's also gearing up to do what he periodically does... produce a HOT solo album. I promise this one will be his best one yet. Stay tuned for more info.

1.A yet to be titled solo project.

Kevin Sampson - The VISUAL Kid

Kevin has A LOT going on... But of course that is better SEEN than heard... Go check out his blog at and prepare to be inspired...

Brian Conner - Open Mike
And of course, that leaves me.. I promise you ALL I will put forth the best effort I ever have in my musical career to produce a artwork worth remembering.. Pray for me! Here's my list of construction work:

1. Owen Soul
2. Solo effort entitled, "The Dash"
3. And lots more "Toast It and Post It's" to keep your appetite wet!

Stay tuned in folks! Follow us where ever we can be followed and thanks for supporting The Elements!

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