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Afternoon Patrons and welcome to the 1st installment of Toast it and Post It. A nice and fulfilling way to start your day! As hip-hop aficionados, we need to make sure we have all the essentials for a great breakfast. Substance. Flavor. You know.. something that will stick to your ribs! So, I give you Toast it and Post It. My little idea to make sure that you don’t go missing out on that good stuff.

So here’s the deal (and it’s quite simple to be honest...):

1. We Pick a Beat. Sometimes I’ll pick one of my personal favorites. Sometimes someone will suggest one. Sometimes (when I have the following to make it happen) you’ll pick one for me.

2. We Toast the Beat. I lay some fire (as they say) on the track. Whatever I’m feeling that day. It might be deep and insightful. Other times, I might sound like the mad rapper. We ALL get angry! And ere now and then, I’ll just give you some heat. We’ll switch it up. You know.. keep it interesting. If you’re like me you won’t want the SAME OLD SAME OLD every time we do this... Oh... and I’ll also do a lot of collaborations. I’m a pretty decent MC if I do say so myself, but I am also a fan. Expect some surprises....

3. We Post the Beat. I post the beat to your favorite social media site! Look for it everywhere. Pass it on to friends! I’m nothing without the people! I’ll also include a reference to the original artist on the post and a little about the production. Get it? We here some new twists on your favorites, you might GAIN a new favorite, you’ll get schooled a bit to some part of the culture you might not be familiar with, and we also give love to the original artist on the song. Everybody’s happy. Everybody eats. After all, it IS the most important meal of your day! So without further ado enjoy Installment #1!

The Management


Had to do this beat! Kid Cudi did his THING on this one. Obviously, the inspiration for Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks that everyone knows and loves. Now you know who did it first. Kid Cudi comes to us representing Brooklyn, NY by way of Cleveland, Ohio. Home to Bone Thugs and Harmony. I say this to say Ohio (reference DJ HiTek..) is home to some pretty innovate sounds.

Your boy Cudi is no exception. Day and Night is a very creative and infectious beat and probably one of the top ride to songs of the year in my book. Kanye seems to think so.. Anyway, I’ll keep this one short because I know ya’ll been waiting for the ACTUAL TiPi. Ha! To find out more about the Kid check his webpage.

Also, hear the original track here:

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