Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GRATITUDE... And a few new tricks up the sleeve!

Greetings Patrons and Happy New Year!

I really hope 2009 is a year of supreme growth for everyone reading this. I GUESS I'll wish the same to those jokers who HAVEN'T read this as well... I will TRY not to be salty! I truly think that 2009 will be a great year of change. Our soon to be president marked his campaign with the message of change and it is fitting that the inauguration is in January.. the month of resolutions. I hope you all have made yours! And, I also hope you read my previous post before you did! Read it? Good.. Lets continue...

Besides resolving to be resolute in 2009, I also want to work on something else that will add to my happiness.... Gratitude. True gratitude for what I have and things I've avoided in life to this point. Below are just a few...

1. Knowing God. Not just that there IS one, but his words and how to be right with him and live for him.
2. Health. Thank God for that!
3. My friends and family. If you're in this list, whether you're in my Top 5 or Top 5,000, life just WOULD NOT be worth living without cha'll!
4. Victories. I want more of them bad boys in 09.
5. Defeats. You CAN grow from them. And if nothing else, they can make you grateful for when something good replaces the bad they brought you.
6. Stuff to do! I'm grateful there is always stuff I can work for, support, grow in, or add to my life's resume. Life will NEVER get boring if I do this...
7. My job. I STILL got one in this economy! Yes!
8. Music. WHAT would I do without my radio...?
9. My home studio. Did I actually PAY to record raw vocals at one time? Money is supposed to go towards mixing and mastering.. NOT raw vocals. Man... Get a studio if you ain't got one yet musicians...

And finally.... Drum roll.....

10. My MacBook Pro! I try not to be a supporter of one or the other. If I ever get noticed for my music, I don't want to undercut any potential contracts.. lol! But I love that thing! It can do so much! It is an absolute must for a creative person and I'm learning more and more about it everyday.

One thing I wanted to be able to do was to post our music on my blog. But I wanted people to be able to hear it right away. MacBook to the rescue! Thanks iMovie! And thank you Steve Jobs for not making me pay to be able to do this stuff. I love that I can do it right out the beautiful and cost efficient MacBook box. Enjoy the track and my new found knowledge patrons.. 2009 is mine! Oh and don't worry Jobs.. I'll cop an Iphone soon...

The Management

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