Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoughts from Inauguration Day...

So anyway... We had the distinct privilege this week as a nation to view history. I didn't get to actually BE at the inauguration (long story..), but I did spend some time in DC over the weekend AND the day before. So I still feel as if I was a part of things indirectly (more on that later... BIG NEWS..). I came home and watched the ceremony on TV and was grateful for modern day media coverage. While I did, I decided to jot down some things to commit to memory. Sometimes it's cool to take an account of things you noticed at certain times so when you read back over them you can remember what you were feeling, or thinking, etc... during that time of your life. So without further ado patrons, here are my musings from Inauguration Day uncensored. Enjoy!

My Thoughts... Jimmy and Roselyn Carter looked very nice! I REALLY believe that looking that way is a testament to clean, joyful, purposed living. Both of them have done tons since his Presidency. AMAZING. I need to get his books. And read them... Sasha and Al looked sooo cute! Sasha in her little pink pea coat and Malia in her blue pea coat. Despite any success I might see in the remainder of my days, I am nothing if my children aren’t given EVERY opportunity to succeed and are well prepared to do great things for God.

They were told that despite there changed situation, nothing will change! They will STILL be making their own beds! Michelle said, “Make CERTAIN the children make their own beds, but make SURE the staff still makes mine!” Hilarious..

Malia said, “The first African American president BETTER be a good one!” Classic..

Cheney, a VP known for his stubborn and hard-line machismo appeared at the Inauguration in a wheel chair.. I can see writers spinning this... "Here sits Cheney. Seen by many to be a bully throughout our former Presidents 8 year term, exits the white house in a wheel chair."

George Bush gave a woman a five and she wiped it off on camera! Poor form!

How come Dick Cheney looks like Mr. Burns!

I appreciated that despite the relative silence when former President Bush appeared there was absolutely NO booing!

Joe Biden is the perfect example of how I want to look when I’m in my late 60’s! Pressed up suits and a smile!
And from Scranton no less!

I don’t know what will occur in this upcoming administration. But one things is for certain... this has united people in a way I can’t remember seeing in QUITE sometime. The cheers were amazing. The lack of boos spoke to the influence of humility throughout Barack's campaign.
The transition of power in our country is an example to the world of true peace. Politically, we hate each other, disrespect each other, and disagree with each other to our core, but when inauguration day comes, we are reminded of why America is truly a great country.

Jordan texted Mike and said Obama looked like he was thinking to himself, “Wow... I must be the coolest negro in the universe!”

Quick notes on Rick Warren's prayer....
History is Gods story. Obama was MOVED by the prayer. We celebrate a hinge point in history. The son of an African immigrant can become president of our greatest nation. Dr. King and a great cloud of witnesses are shouting in heaven for God to give Obama wisdom for leading with humility, courage to govern with integrity, and the compassion for generosity. Forgive us for fighting and for thinking greatness is our's alone as a nation and for not treating the world with respect. Give us humility, civility, and responsibility... Help us to ALWAYS remember we will stand accountable. And the LORDS prayer!
(Yes! GREAT JOB Rick! Let em’ know who you repping!)

Aretha Franklin looked like a cannon ball in her all grey! Or them things from Super Mario Brothers. Hahaha! I know... I know...

Is it just me... Or does it look like Michelle Obama and Sigorney Weaver could be sisters?

There you have it Patrons! At great times in history make sure you take out a pen and pad... It's cool to know what you were thinking... Until next time!

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