Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There are some things you JUST DON'T DO!

Hello Patrons..

As we prepare for the New Year and as we ALL make lists of things we want to do with our lives do me ONE small favor.. PLEASE be realistic! I've found that the best way to achieve a goal is to set a series of small ones (the ones we are MOST scared to set because we KNOW they're easy enough to ACTUALLY do, therefore making us feel guilty when we don't accomplish them... think about it...). Instead of setting that BIG goal everyone in the world knows you can't REALLY pull off in the year.. (don't say you're going to cure cancer this year unless your goal last year was to continue your life-long research finding a cure.. Be real man..).

Setting SMALL goals and consistently reaching them gives you a ton of confidence and enables you to eventually do the things you NEVER thought possible. Sure.. I want to sell platinum.. All MC's do.. But, instead, I'll just concentrate on laying the ground work this year by recording platinum quality tracks and setting up a platinum fan base with a more aggressive internet promotional strategy.. The big goal will come if I pull off the small ones... right? So THIS year I am NOT setting unreachable goals (at least ones I can't reach this year...)

And this being said, there are certain things YOU JUST DON'T DO!

1. You don't take a knife to a gun fight...
2. You NEVER tell your mother her greens aren't as good as your wife's. Conversely, you don't tell your wife here greens aren't as good as your mother's.
3. You ALSO NEVER sing a DUET with Patty Labelle! I mean really... have you heard her?!

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