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Iron Man Tony Starks...

Okay.. The fan boy in me HAD to do this. It looks too crazy for me not to! So, In honor of the new Iron Man 2 trailer, I thought I’d post a few stills. A little Background origin material on some of the new characters so you have a brief idea of who they are if you're not a comic book aficionado. Keep in mind that several plot elements have been changed by big budget Hollywood. What I have included is a mixture of some of the most basic plot and origin material of these people. It does however look like a amazing rendition of the original story.

It’s funny... MOST big named artists I’ve met are comic book aficionados... Lupe Fiasco, Musiq Soulchild, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, David Banner.. just to name a few. I think it is the whole creators respecting and appreciating creativity of all forms thing. I know it is for me anyway... But without further ado patrons, I give you Iron Man! Until next time, Enjoy these goodies!

Official Iron Man 2 Trailer

New Characters in the film

War Machine (played by Don Cheadle.. Bad move Terrance H... Bad move...)Terrence Howard portrays James Rhodes in the 2008 Iron Man film.[91] In the film, Rhodes is a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, who serves as the military's chief liaison to Stark Industries. He is also Tony Stark's most trusted ally and best friend. Rhodes is depicted in the film wearing a "Brass Rat", the MIT school ring, indicating that in the film, he and Stark were graduates of the same college,[92] and on his other hand he wears an Air Force Academy ring, suggesting that he received his masters degree from MIT after earning a "grad school slot" for high academic achievement while at USAFA. Though the War Machine armor makes no appearance in the film, two nods to Rhodes being War Machine were made. During a scene when Rhodes looks at the Iron Man Mark II armor, he says "Next time, baby!" hinting Rhodes' future as War Machine. The second nod to War Machine is made when animation of War Machine's shoulder cannon appears during the film's end credits. Director Jon Favreau told Ain't It Cool News that War Machine would appear in the sequels and Howard was cast with this in mind.[93] Don Cheadle assumed the role of War Machine after contract disputes with Howard.

Initially a supporting character in volume one of Iron Man, Rhodes later assumed the mantle of Iron Man after Tony Stark's relapse into alcoholism in issue #170 (May 1983). The character would continue in a supporting role and later resume the role of Iron Man following Stark's purported death in issue #284 (September 1992). After Stark's return to the role of Iron Man, Rhodes continued as the superhero War Machine and later made his solo series debut in his own eponymous title after being featured as a supporting character

Whiplash (played by Mickey Rourke)

Mickey Rourke will play the villain Whiplash, the film version of which will include elements from the Crimson Dynamo, in Iron Man 2.[17] His alter ego will be named Ivan Vanko, who in the film will be the son of Anton Vanko, the original Dynamo in the comics.

The first Crimson Dynamo appears in the episode "Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo" and was piloted by an astronaut named Ivan Vanko, Vanko was an astronaut stranded in space in very close orbit to the Sun for two years. He crashlanded on a bridge and took a beeline for the Project Pegasus headquarters, after several failed attempts from Iron Man to stop him, he paid a visit to Project Pegasus to find out Vanko's reasons for targeting the building. A doctor, Anton Harkov told Tony the story of leaving him in space, and that Vanko was out for revenge. While breaking through the building Vanko reveals one of his causes of of his anger is that Harkov "took my [Vanko] family from me." Pepper then does a search for Vanko's family. One last attempt by Iron Man to save Harkov allows Pepper enough time to bring in Vanko's family. After seeing his family he abandons his attempts of revenge.

Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson)
The Black Widow is a world class athlete and gymnast, expert martial artist (including karate, judo, aikido, savate, various styles of kung fu, and boxing), markswoman, and weapons specialist as well as having extensive espionage training. She is also an accomplished ballerina.

The Black Widow uses a variety of equipment invented by Soviet scientists and technicians, with later improvements by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists and technicians. She usually wears distinctively shaped bracelets which fire "widow sting" energy blasts, as well as "widow line" grappling hooks, and tear gas pellets. She wears a belt of metallic disc-charges containing plastic explosives. Her costume consists of synthetic stretch fabric equipped with micro-suction cups on fingers and feet, enabling her to adhere to walls and ceilings.

The Black Widow has been enhanced by biotechnology that enhances her body's resistance to aging and disease.

Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson)

The modern-day Fury, initially a CIA agent, debuted a few months later in Fantastic Four #21 (Dec. 1963). In Strange Tales #135 (Aug. 1965) the character was transformed into a James Bond-like spy and leading agent of the fictional espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. The character makes frequent appearances in Marvel comic books as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and as an intermediary between the U.S. government or the United Nations and various superheroes. It is eventually revealed that Fury takes a special medication called the Infinity Formula that halted his aging and allows him to be active despite being nearly a century old.
Little known fact.. In the Ultimate Avengers series, Samuel L. Jackson was actually who Nick Fury was model after by the artists at Jackson's permission. Pretty cool he's playing him in the movie.

Nick Fury's aging has been slowed greatly by the Infinity Formula, a serum created by Dr. Berthold Sternberg. Fury was first inoculated with the serum in the 1940s. Fury took the serum annually for many years. Due to its cumulative effect, Fury no longer needs additional doses to prolong his life span. Nick Fury is a highly athletic man despite his advanced chronological age. He has 95% vision loss in his injured left eye, over which he wears a cosmetic eyepatch.

Fury is a seasoned unarmed and armed combat expert, was a heavyweight boxer in the army (during World War II), and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He has honed his unarmed combat skills sparring with Captain America.

Fury is a combat veteran of three wars (World War II, Korea, Vietnam), plus numerous "military advisor" missions and clandestine operations ("a dozen conflicts you've never even heard of"). He is trained as a paratrooper, Ranger, a demolitions expert, vehicle specialist (including aircraft and seagoing vessels) and United States Special Forces.

Fury has access to a wide variety of equipment and weaponry designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. technicians. He wears a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform made of 9-ply Kevlar (able to withstand ballistic impact up to .45 caliber bullets) and a Beta Cloth (type C), a fire-resistant material whose kindling temperature is 1,700 °F (930 °C).

Fury uses various types of handguns, including a .15 caliber needle gun, a government issue .45 caliber automatic, a captured German Luger in 9mm Parabellum, a modified semi-automatic Walther PPK in 9 mm Parabellum, and the Ingram MAC-10 machine pistol in .45 caliber.

As the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury has access to the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. highly advanced arsenal of weaponry, and various air, land, and sea craft provided by S.H.I.E.L.D., and numerous S.H.I.E.L.D. paraphernalia including a radio-link tie, and a bulletproof suit.

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