Thursday, October 22, 2009

NEW MUSIC OUT OF SC! Support good local hip-hop!

What's going on people. Long time no talk. As always there's a lot of good going on though. Here's some good from one of my partners Akshun from the Magnum Opus camp. GOOD music out of SC. Check out this leak of his upcoming album Sinners Therapy and support SC hip-hop! I still think his debut album Diamond District is one of the BEST local projects of all time. But that's just me... You'll have to check it out to find out... E-mail Akshun for more info....

What's happening folks. Included in the link is the info related to the album I'm prepping to release this fall. Feel free to add songs to your blogs, tweets, mixtapes and whatever you please. Also if you guys have the time send me feedback on the songs all love/hate/criticism is appreciated.


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